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Did you know that bees and plants have co-evolved since the Cretaceous period? And that the shape of pollen has changed to adhere to the bees (hair/legs/body surface)?

Native bees are rockstar pollinators- one single native bee can pollinate as much as 127 honeybees? And that there are over 4000 species of native bees in North America?

Enter the fascinating world of bees.

New to having bee cocoons in your garden? Download an instruction sheet for setting up your Mason bee house kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pollinator Bees Sting? Are they dangerous?

Native bees are docile and generally do not sting.

Our native bees are gentle and solitary bees. They live in isolation from other bees and are native to Canada and the United States. Since they are solitary bees, they have a less heightened protective instinct and are safe in backyards, near adults, children, and pets.

Do any pollinator bees build hives?

Native bee nest in tubular reeds and tree cavities and they are easy to cultivate for fruit and nut pollination.

Do I need special equipment to have native bees?

You do not need to have complicated equipment or protective clothing to host native bees in your garden. All you need is a suitable bee house and native flowering plants. (Mason bees will also require some clay, which they use to seal their nesting tubes.)

What's the difference between honey bees and native bees?

Native bees do not produce honey or beeswax but are excellent pollinators of fruit and flowers in the garden. Native bees are three times more effective as pollinators as honeybees.  

Do pollinator bees make honey?

Unlike honeybees, native bees do not make honey.

About Us

Founded by Prafulla Prabhu, Pollinate Canada is a social enterprise with a mission to pollinate Canada.  After three decades in higher-Ed marketing and communications, Prafulla felt it was time to direct her skills towards preserving sustainability in our ecosystem. So, she decided to dive into the world of bees. During her years of education certification and research, she realised that the dwindling humble native bee was the pollination superstar, but the flashy European honeybee was getting all the attention.  Pollinate Canada is an effort to preserve and protect the humble, gentle, hard working native pollinator bees of Canada.

  • Our passion is to give ‘pollinator bees’ a home and rejuvenate our surroundings
  • We are committed to sustainable beekeeping
  • Dedicated to educating people about the urgent need to support our ecosystems
  • We only work with gentle, native, Pollinator Bees
  • We supply and help manage pollinator bee homes