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Pollinator bees (unlike honey bees) are on the decline. With one in every three bites of food requiring pollination, it has become mission critical to promote pollination and rejuvenate the ecosystem in our backyards and gardens.

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Native pollinator bees create a 3 X multiplier effect to transform the flora and fauna of your neighbourhood.  Plant your flowers, your fruits, your vegetable garden.  Let nature’s pollinators keep them healthy and strong.  Act now. Empower nature with little acts of kindness

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Don’t use pesticides. Mulch less. Mow less frequently. Plant bee friendly native flowers.  Find out how pollinator bees can increase yields for flowers, vegetable and fruit crops

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50% of native bee species are in decline. Save the bees. Give them a place in your home. And heart.

Pollinate Canada is on a mission to preserve
and protect Canada’s native pollinator bees.

Pollinator Bees
are Gentle

Native Canadian bees are polite (a very Canadian trait) and gentle.

Pollinator Bees
are Safe

They are solitary bees and live in isolation.  Since they don’t live in a hive, they have a less heightened protective instinct and don’t tend to attack. They are safe in backyards near children, pets and adults.

Pollinator Bees
are Rockstar Pollinators

A single solitary bee can provide as much pollination as 120 honeybees. O’Yeah!


I knew very little about native bees and had many misconceptions. I didn’t realize that I could safely host bees in my backyard!! They helped me find the right bee house and identify the best location in my backyard. Watching bees emerge from their cocoons was an amazing experience. In the fall I returned the nesting reeds to Pollinate Canada. They removed any cocoons and stored then over the winter (not something I was comfortable doing). This something I will continue to setup every spring.

R.V. Toronto

I started a vegetable garden in my backyard during covid. Last summer, a friend recommended I try hosting native bees, as an experiment. It was easy and hands-off for me. I had crazy amount of tomatoes last summer! This was a natural extension to my support of #NoMowMay effort.

T.C. Toronto-Beaches

I would definitely recommend them to guide garden owners, like myself, to setting up native bee houses. They supplied us with everything we needed. Super knowledgeable! They are truly interested in the bees (not just selling products) and even guided us on how to build our own additional houses so that they are bee friendly.

J.B Scarborough ON